New years eve 2012, Courmayeur Italy.

New years eve 2013. Tonsai Beach Thailand

Today is the last day in 2013 and tomorrow is the first day in the new year 2014. I hope that some of you who reads this blogg, realizes a dream or two in the year to come. Making dreams come through does not just happen. You must make an effort yourself to live out your dreams. Sometimes it requires that you have to train hard to get in better shape, other times do you have to involve people you may not know, and it can also be that you have to work mentally with yourself to find the courrage to take the step out of the known territories.

Personally have I been working on many different levels within myself, and had contact with people I do not knowto make my dreams come through. What life has learned me is that it is always worth the hard work. Even the times my dreams does not turn out the way I had expected. There are always something to learn from taking a step into the unknownJ


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Ingvill Ytreland

Ingvill Ytreland

44, Oslo

Livet er utrolig herlig. Jeg er opptatt av at vi lever kun en gang, og forsker leve et liv med mening hver eneste dag. Hva som gir livet mening er s variert. Jeg har lyst dele tanker, erfaringer og gode oplevelser med dere som gir mitt liv innhold og ettertanke.