Only 20 days.........

I got an e-mail from Norwegian the other day informing me that it is only 20 days left until I shall fly back to Oslo with them. 14. January am I leaving Asia for this time. I know for sure that it was meant to be that I should go on this journey now that I see the outcome of this year. I have only had good experiences. I think we can say that I was ready for it. I had used some time preparing myself for it, especially on the mental side. The last days I am on this journey will I enjoy with a Happy Heart, on the beach in Thailand and Mandalay in Myanmar. I have visited both places before on my journey, and I am looking forward to go back.

I am ready for my return to Norway now, and look forward to come home for a short while. I am preparing myself for the future, and have some ideas about how I want to live my life in the years to come. If I succed in making my plans a reality, will my life be totaly different in the future than in my past. I do not know if I will succued but i will at least give it a try.

I will not be in Norway very long, since I have already purchased my return ticket to KatmanduJ

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Ingvill Ytreland

Ingvill Ytreland

44, Oslo

Livet er utrolig herlig. Jeg er opptatt av at vi lever kun en gang, og forsker leve et liv med mening hver eneste dag. Hva som gir livet mening er s variert. Jeg har lyst dele tanker, erfaringer og gode oplevelser med dere som gir mitt liv innhold og ettertanke.