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After eight months in India and Nepal have I arrived on Tonsai beach again for the second time on this one year journey. It is funny to be back. Part of my mind is still up in the mountains in Himalaya. The rest of me am present here and now on this relaxing and laydback beach in Thailand. Tonsai beach is a beach with a lot of friendly people outside Krabi. It is a place where climbers and backpackers hang out, and I have travelled to this beautiful place to climb and hang out with good friends.

I am sitting on the beach wtiting this blog and I am looking out on the sea in front of me. Local boats are passing by in the bay, the sun is shining and there are not much people on the beach. In other words it is a good place for reflections. When I return to places I have been to before do I tend to be very intuitive, and start to feel and reflect on if something feels different inside from last time I was there. For me is this the best way to measure the changes that is going on inside of me.

I went sportsclimbing for the first time since i was on Tonsai in March yesterday and I could feel that I have changed on the inside. I am climbing the same routes that I climbed last time I was here. My physical climbing abilities are the same, but it feeling different on the inside. I am not so afraid as I was last time when I am up in the climbingwall. I remember when I started with sportsclimbing 3 years ago, I was so scared of heights, that my friend who was belaying me had to take me down from one of the easy walls in the climbinggym I go to. I was only five meters up in the wall..... Even when I was here last year was I much more afraid than what I am now. The journey that I have been on the last eight months has definitely been a good scare for heights. The main activities in this period has been mountaineering, yoga and a lots of good talks and interactions with friends that I have met from all over the world. I think my experiences and the fact that I am planning to go on a expedition to summit Mount Everest next spring, has been positive for my mental condition in this present moment.

Yesterday when I was climbing started I to philosophize about my balance in the climbingwall and what balance is. For me where I am right here and now have balance two different meanings. We often talk about having balance in life between work, family, friends and so on...... This kind of balance is one that after my opinion is going on for the most time in our head, where we try with our consiousness to balance differesnt kind of activities we have to or fancy to do.

The other kind of balance that I am feeling when I am climbing is a kind of balance that is going on within my body. The bodyfelt balance is after my opinion steadiness felt within the body and mind. To work with this type of balance requires something else than the first type. Often requires that you work with physical excercises who strengthen your balance, or it can also be done by getting yourself in to situations where you are out of balance. One example from climbing is to get yourself in a situation where there is a high risk of falling.

I fancy this last type of balance where you have to work on inner steadiness. I am wondering if working on this form for balance will help us beeing more balanced in other areas in life to? I know that I have the intention to give extra attention to my inner steadiness in the year that lies ahead of me.

One thing that has not changed is my passion for this kind of climbing. I just love all the activities that I do that are related to moutaineering. I do not want to change my passion for the mountains and moutaineering. I sitting here on the beach looking on the blue marks I have on my knees and legs for yesterdays climbing. I am happy:-)

I will again excuse myself for that my english is not perfect.

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