Time to leave Kathmandu.........

Today is my last day in my favourite city in the world Kathamandu for this time....... My time here in Kathmandu and in Nepal has been a lifechanging experience. I have climbed some mountains that I never dreamed of climbing this year, when I first arrived in Kathmandu in April. I have made a lot of good friends with both nepalese and foreigners. It is so easy to connect with people in this city. I have had friends visited me while I have been here. Both from Norway and people I have met in other countries on my journey.

This city is chaoutic, polluted and dirty, but it has a good energy that I have not felt any other places in the world. The people here have a hospitality that are amazing and I have had many special moments with the locals. After my opinion are the two most important assets this country has the people and the moutnains. I will thank all my friends that has been with me here in Nepal for making my time so special for me.

I will return to Nepal many times in the future. I hope that I will get company from some of my norwegian friends and my family. Nepal and Kathmandu has definitely captured a special place in my heart. I will be back very soon..............

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Ingvill Ytreland

Ingvill Ytreland

44, Oslo

Livet er utrolig herlig. Jeg er opptatt av at vi lever kun en gang, og forsker leve et liv med mening hver eneste dag. Hva som gir livet mening er s variert. Jeg har lyst dele tanker, erfaringer og gode oplevelser med dere som gir mitt liv innhold og ettertanke.