Time for inner growth

I will try to blog in english so my friends all over the world can read this blog. It will not be perfect english, but I do not care about that. It is what I want to share with you that are the most important.

As some of you know am I a fan of Paulo Coehlo. I "Like" him on facebook and this morning read I this phrase written by him:

Solitude is not the absence of company but the moment where the soul is free to speak to us and help us to decide what to do with our LIFE.

This phrase made sence to me today. After I came back from the Mountains where I summeited Ama Dablam (6.812 meter) and Island Peak (6.189 mete), has I spent most of the time on the sofa absorbing what I have experienced in the mountains, and working mentally on what to do with my future. The tour in the mountains was the last one on this one year journey I am on, and in littlebit over a month am I going back to Norway.

My 100 days in Himalaya has been a lifechanging experience. I feel a inner peace when I am in this mountains, that I have not felt many other places in the world. The last tour where I was climbing Ama Dablam and Island Peak was a door opener in to some new places within. Especially climbing Ama Dablam stretched me not out of but maybe into my comfortsone. I realized that I get this inner peace when the surroundings becomes extreme. Not dangerous but extreme. There is a difference between these two settings. Have you got the right competence or are with people that has the right competence and attitude to consider theirs and my ability in a extreme situation, can a extreme situation feel very safe. That is why I always use guides when I want to do things that is outside my own competence zone. I have always been lucky with the guides I have been with, and I have experienced that the guides has made us turn around and go back because of bad weather.

On this trip did I need two attempts on Island Peak. On the first attempt did I have to turn around on 5.500 meters when I threw up. It is no mercy when you are up in high altitude. If you trhow up is it most likely a sign that you are starting to get altitude sick. The comming night on my second attempt did I manage to summit without any problems On Ama Dablam was I only short breathed in high altitude. Summiting this mountains would never had been possible for me if I had not been with very experienced people. I am so impressed over the job my guide Mingma Sherpa and his team in Ascent Himalaya Treks & Expedtion did, that made it possible for me to fullfill a dream and summit these beautiful mountain Ama Dablam.

When it come sto the near future am I going back to Norway for a short time. I will only stay in Norway for 2.5 month, before I go back to Nepal for 4 month. I am working on extending the lease contract on my flat in Oslo with 6 months. I have asked a friend if I can rent a room in her flat, and for the moment have we got some interesting and good dialogues about what this will mean for both of us.

After the breakup with my ex partner has I been single in 7 years now. I am a littlebit tired of living alone, and want to have company with other people at home in my daily life. I am seriosly thinking about renting out my spare bedroom when I go back to Norway in august, to fulfill this wish.

When it comes to what I shall do for a living in the future is everything still up in the air. I have some ideas that I am checking out but nothing is concrete yet. I think that this situation with having my future plans up in the air, is the main reason why I like this Solitude so much. I need time to grow on the inside and figure out what my values and motivations are, so I can take the right decisons about my future on the outside.

Since this is one of my first blogs in english, will I be glad for any feedback that can improve my writing on future english blogs.

The "small mountain" in the middle of the picture is Island Peak

Me and Ama Dablam from camp 1 on 5.700 meters

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Sverre Lunde

09.12.2013 kl.11:17

Your english is much better than mine, so I "jump" into norwegian asap. Jeg m virkelig si at dine prestasjoner imponerer en gammel mann i stresslessen. Da tenker jeg ikke p engelskbloggen, men de klatreturene du har i Himalaya og p dine indre fjell. I fare for repetere meg selv, m det sies at det er utrolig interessant flge reisen din gjennom denne bloggen. Det inspirerer meg til prve noe lignende, selv om fysiske klatreturer er i overkant for en fluefisker, er jeg fasinert av den intensiteten du reiser med, for s ta det helt ned til sofaniv, der ettertanken er det viktigste. En trenger ikke klatre Ama Dablam for filosofere over tilvrelsen. Lykke til videre!

Ingvill Ytreland

09.12.2013 kl.14:32

Sverre Lunde: Takk Sverre, du fr meg til le godt med kommentaren din:-) Det er alltid hyggelig f tilbakemeldinger fra deg:-) Det er korrekt at man ikke trenger klatre et fjell for ha en opplevelse for livet. Eneste rdet jeg kan gi er: Just do it!

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Ingvill Ytreland

Ingvill Ytreland

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