Life is like a BIG box of chocolate......

When I arrived in Kathmandu almost four weeks ago, I hadn?t the faintest idea what kind of volunteer work I should do here. A friend of mine had put me in contact with an organization called Shenpen. I agreed to help them out with volunteer work in the burn unit at Kanti Children's Hospital in Kathmandu.

I have spent the last week with the children at Kanti. Today, I had the pleasure of assisting with a presentation for Shenpen on their work at the hospital in front of children and teachers at a nearby Montessori school. Little did I know that I would have this nice opportunity to help spread information about the causes and consequenses of burns accidents when I arrived in Kathmandu.

I have some good helpers, who have helped me to find my path here in Asia, it really feels as though I am on the right path.

Life is like a box of chocolate, and I am going to eat every bit in the box. Even the ones that do not taste so good!:-)

Life is good to me. But I do not take it for granted.

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Ingvill Ytreland

Ingvill Ytreland

43, Oslo

Livet er utrolig herlig. Jeg er opptatt av at vi lever kun en gang, og forsker leve et liv med mening hver eneste dag. Hva som gir livet mening er s variert. Jeg har lyst dele tanker, erfaringer og gode oplevelser med dere som gir mitt liv innhold og ettertanke.